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The Constitution and the Social Security Number

The Constitution and the Social Security Number

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Product Description

A panel of researchers will present:

-The issues at stake with the provisions of our Constitution and the Social Security Number (SSN).
-Obtaining that SSN number is purely voluntary as examining the legislation enacting Social Security reveals.
-Disclose that even if one chooses to receive the SSN, that number is for the Social Security System only and not to be used as it is so often today as an identifying number outside the Social Security System.
-That what the Federal Government has created as voluntary (the SSN) cannot be made mandatory by any other level of civil government.
-That the purpose of civil government being to protect and secure our God given rights, the right to travel must not be denied those who for whatever reason choose not to volunteer for the Social Security System.

We will present several examples of how this issue has caused great difficulties for those who do not volunteer for a SSN, and what we as citizens can do to right this wrong.
Our panel is composed of :
Pastor David Whitney
Carl Geppert
David Carmichael