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Maryland Constitution Course Complete Hosting Kit

Maryland Constitution Course Complete Hosting Kit

By: Institute on the Constitution


Maryland Constitution Course Complete Hosting Kit

Product Description

Building on the foundation, provides a standard by which Maryland can return to a constitutional republic. Maryland is blessed with a Godly heritage that lies quietly waiting to be re-discovered. Thankfully, its founders carefully set forth presuppositions that secure the God-given liberties of a free people, by way of a Declaration of Rights in the State’s first Constitution of 1776. Though Maryland is under its fourth Constitution, the Declaration of Rights is still part of the contract between the civil government of the State and its People, and much of the liberty-preserving language remains today.
This course is the only place where the Maryland Constitution is taught; neither of Maryland’s two law schools teaches this document.

The Complete Host Kit comes with everything necessary to lead a class and Includes:

-Host Manual which contains hosting aids, class agendas, and answers to tests and reviews.

-Student Manual which contains lecture notes, homework materials,reviews and tests.

-Three disk package of DVDs containing 12 class lectures

-Homework DVDs:

-The Sheriff and the Constitution

-All Education Is Brainwashing

-The 2nd Amendment: Maryland's Supreme Law to Keep and Bear Arms

-The Maryland Constitution