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2017 U.S. Constitution Student Manual

2017 U.S. Constitution Student Manual

By: Institute on the Constitution


A NEW 2017 U.S. Constitution Student Manual

Product Description

IOTC’s all NEW U.S. Constitution Course is here and we are anxious to share it with you!

This is the Student Manual that corresponds with the New 2017 U.S. Constitution Course. This Studen Manual contains lecture notes, homework materials, reviews and tests that come straight from the lecture notes. This manual helps the student understand the reasons behind creating the U.S. Constitution and explains how to restore the Constitutional republic.

Attn: Students
Upon completion of this self-taught course, Institute on the Constitution will issue a graduation certificate, with the students name, to the parent of each student who has completed the 12 lecture course. This certificate may be placed in said student's portfolio and will accommodate the mandatory Civics/American Government credit required for graduation.